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It's the wind, stupid
by Lizard Man

Every year I say it, and every year people ignore it, to frequently annoying and often tragic results. It's so simple it can be expressed in six words, but I guess people just can't believe it 'til they see it. On the playa, the wind is capricious, violent, and unpredictable. You can be sitting around for hours, in a still, motionless calm, when suddenly, whammo! Seventy-mile-an-hour wind gusts come blasting out of nowhere, throwing your lawn chairs up to 200 yards and throwing everything that isn't nailed down out of your camp and across the playa. Don't believe me? Ask the old-timers. Rule number two (number one is to piss clear!): Never leave camp without battening down.

There, now I've said it again. Six little words that can save you a lot of time and hassle. Your paper plates, trash bags, styrofoam coolers, props, toys, and food are all litter if you leave them easy prey for the wind. I've watched tents go rolling by, sometimes chased, sometimes not. If you are at all capable of learning from other people's mistakes, heed my words. Why? Because I'm tired of chasing other people's trash even when it's their domicile.

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