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The ultimate survival tip
by Greg Dilley

Piss clear. There is no other way in which to verify that you've been drinking enough water. In the world of survival medicine, dehydration is the root of all evil. Your well-being here in the Black Rock Desert begins and ends with your water intake. Dehydration causes headaches, stomach cramps, and constipation, along with exacerbating heat-related illness and injury. In other words, dehydration sucks.

Human beings just don't drink enough water, especially when they're in a low-humidity environment such as the Black Rock Desert, which will simply suck the water right out of you. Here are some signs that you may not be drinking enough water:

1. You don't carry a water bottle with you at all times.

2. You "sip" water instead of drinking deeply. A quart bottle of water should be consumed in two drinking periods.

3. You wait until you're thirsty÷a big no-no.

And the biggie...

4. If you've been drinking alcohol or taking recreational drugs, assume that you're already well on your way to dehydration.

Just remember: drink enough water so that you PISS CLEAR.

-- Greg Dilley is the field medical supervisor for Earthbound Medical Rescue, located in the heart of Black Rock City.

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