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Random tips for the playa

Spend a little time thinking about how you carry your water. A water container that is too small may result in you not drinking enough, or being forced to cut short your excursions to return to camp and refill. Conversely, a container that is too large or unweildy to carry may quickly get abandoned altogether. As youâve no doubt read, it is imperative to remain properly hydrated at Burning Man. Having an adequate, comfortable, portable water supply is key. Also consider what other items you will be carrying with you, such as sunglasses, your dust mask, a camera, sunblock, etc. Design your personal carrying solution to be simple, secure (e.g. zipper-closes are better that loose flaps) and hassle-free and you can put the Îplayâ back into playa.

ö °lux

Candy-flipping is becoming more and more popular. This is an excellent way to have a powerful acid trip while cleverly circumventing the possible downside of not being a generally good person and deeply in touch with yourself before starting the trip ö or just ensuring a positive experience no matter what kind of situation the chaos and anarchy of Burning Man throws you into. The trick is this: just when you feel the peak of the acid coming on, drop the same amount of Ecstacy that you normally take by itself. If you take it much too early or much too late, it cancels out. But taken on the crest of the peak gives you a wild, ecstatic trip. Good for large group experiences, if you have enough to go around. And if you donât, then what did you come here for?

ö Dr. Lizard

It only takes about a quart of water to make playa mud, but it takes about five gallons to get it out of your hair.

Body paint is cool but remember that it comes off on your sleeping bag, the chairs in the cafŽ, and your lover.

Just because someone gives you a condom, it doesnât necessarily mean they want to have sex with you. It might just mean they donât want you to breed.

Most people who live in deserts actually wear lots of clothes.

ö Dennis Hinkamp

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