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The sun is your enemy!
by Erin Watson, Camp Sunscreen

When applying sunscreen, most people put on less than half the required amount for effective protection. Donāt skimp on your skin ÷ apply liberally! At least one ounce should be used for arms, neck, shoulders, and face.

Sunscreen should be reapplied about two or three times a day.

Even waterproof sunscreens become less effective after youāve sweat. A waterproof sunscreen with a listed SPF factor of 15 may only be as effective as an SPF 6 after sweating.

People tend to stay in the sun until they get burned, regardless of the SPF factor worn. Always be aware of how much sun you get.

Stop by Camp Sunscreen at 4:00 and Mercury to give or receive assistance applying sunscreen. If you have extra sunscreen to share with others, bring it by and weāll put it to good use!

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