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Things we'd like to see at Burning Man 1999

Anyone who takes a photo of a nude person must also be nude themselves

a friendly bicycle repair camp

Black Rock City RV Park

Black Rock State University, along with some rival college, in order to have "The Big Game"

Car Alarm Camp

Condom Balloon Animals Camp

Do-It-Yourself Body Piercing Camp

a dog barbeque, to offend all the idiots who insist on bringing their dogs

more explosions


Guitar Tuning Camp

Ice Cream Camp

an Internet cafe

JFK Jr. crash site

KOA Kampground, Black Rock City

fewer law-enforcement officials

Leave No Trace

Loose Women & Fast Cars Camp

more naked boys

paved roads, dammit!

playa sherpas

running water in all camps

temporary neighborhood associations

Theme Camp Awards ceremony

Tiger Balm Masturbation Camp

a playa-colored trash fence

We Burn Our Man on Sunday Camp


list compiled by Penfold, Mike Tarrant, LadyBee, Playa Kitten, and Dennis Hinkamp, Adrian Roberts

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