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Theme camps and things we'd like to see 2000

air conditioning

an all-you-can-eat composting hut

an alien landing

anyone who takes a photos of a nude person must also be nude themselves

Autoerotic Asphyxiation Camp

Bumper Car Camp

a dog BBQ to offend all the idiots who insist on bringing their dogs

The Clapperú Camp

Concentration Camp, with a giant Concentration game board

Condom Balloon Animals Camp

Cynicism-Free Zone

Do-It-Yourself Rebar Body Piercing Camp

a good Ethiopian restaurant

everyone in Black Rock City secretly agreeing to wear business suits all day Saturday without telling Larry Harvey

Extra Toilets Camp

Frat Camp

Hammock Camp

IPO Camp

Medical Marijuana Camp

Napster vs. Metallica Death Match Camp

nude Washoe County cops.

a people mover

more porta-potties

a Presidential campaign stop.

Robert Kennedy Flying School

Roy Weaver's New Mexico School of Controlled Burning Camp

Six Flags over Black Rock

Ted Kennedy Dunking Booth

a10-minute oil lube

more time

more UFOs

-- Lenny Jones, PF, Dennis Hinkamp, Tokyo Rico

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