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Theme camps and things wed like to see next year at Burning Man 2001

A more civil government response to an art event rather than more G.I. jerk-offs in camoflage playing art critic

All-You-Can-Eat Composting Hut

an olympic-sized pool

anyone who takes a photo of a nude person must also be nude themselves

better aim in the porta-potties

Camp Quiet

Day Traders Bitch Camp

Do-It-Yourself Body Piercing Camp

Dog BBQ, to offend all the idiots who insist on bringing their dogs

Dr. Seuss Camp, with a Star-Bellied Sneetches Machine

fewer rules

Free Booze Camp

Free Drugs Camp

Free Food Camp

Free Safe Sex With Sexpots Camp

G.W. Bush's daughters, because they know they won't get carded here for drinking booze

Gary Condit Love Nest and Body Disposal

golf cart taxi service for the more broken Burners.

large hot pipe organ

Piss Clear vs. the Black Rock Gazette Death Match Camp

Shit Out of Luck Camp

Stick That Camera Up Your Ass Camp.

The Let's Clone Jesus from the Shroud of Turin Camp

The Miller Beer Commercial White Trash Audition Camp

Waterslide Camp

You're a Superstah Camp

list compiled by lux, Dennis Hinkamp, Lenny Jones, Erica Candy Kane, Penfold, and Zabriski

2002 Piss Clear
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