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Top 10 Albums for the Playa 2000
by Gavin Heck

1. Kruder & Dorfmeister The K&D Sessions

Sexy, stoney music made by people with dorkier names than yours!

2. Naked Funk Valium

X-Files influenced beats for when the aliens come for your cum.

3. Q-Burns Abstract Message Feng Shui

"Everything here must have its place." Indeed.

4. Tom Waits Mule Variations

Perfect hangover music for your neighbors.

5. DJ Cam The French Connection

Tunes for your tongue. (French, get it?)

6. Dee-lite Sampladelic remixes

How do you say dee-desert?

7. Dimitri from Paris A Night at the Playboy Mansion

Bring your ass (to shake) and your ascot (to wear).

8. Bob Marley Dreams of Freedom (Bill Lazwell Remixes)

Can't move? Made of clouds? This is your acoustic pillow.

9. Funki Porcini The Ultimately Empty Million Pounds

More sexy beats, where is my chest hair wig?

10. Atari Teenage Riot 60 Second Wipe Out

Wake the fuck up, its time to clean up and go home!

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