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Top 10 albums for the playa 2001
by Malderor

Suede ö Sci-Fi Lullabies

This two-disc collection of Suedeās b-sides actually works better than any single Suede album. You might think their brand of super-metropolitan urban sleaze is all wrong for the desert, but youād be an idiot.

Anastacia ö Not That Kind

For the giant soul-queen in all of us, even if Anastacia is a skinny white-chick. Sheās got a voice with all the power and character of an Aretha Franklin or a Macy Grey, so itās the right soundtrack for putting on day-glo eye shadow.

Muse ö Origin of Symmetry

Muse shake off the Radiohead comparisons with an album of overblown pomp-rock thatās perfect for these wide-open vistas, and mops the floor with Kid-fucking-A. Melodramatic. Pretentious. Ridiculous. And yet it works beautifully.

The Misfits ö Walk Among Us

Because goddamnit, youāve heard enough freakinā trance this week.

Beenie Man ö Maestro

Because, hey, weāre multi-cultural, even if there are fewer black people in BRC than there are on Jesse Helmsā advisory staff. Works well for impromptu luaus and other mai-tai based gatherings.

The Mission UK ö Children

This slab of early-80ās goth was produced by Led Zeppelinās John Paul Jones, and the tunes are huge. Put it on before doing battle in the Thunderdome.

Tool ö Lateralus

ćThe Radiohead of Metal,ä theyāve been called. Whatever, theyāre doing interesting things with their art, and if all else fails you can use the beautifully designed CD case as an extra nifty trip toy.

Matt Darey ö Pure Euphoria

As mix CDs go, this one kicks. Darey is best known for remixing the insanely uplifting track ćHeavenās Earthä by Delirium, and this two-disk mix finds him applying his anthem-trance skills to the dance floor. For when youāve come on.

Motorhead ö Everything Louder Than Everything Else

A cherry-picked greatest hits set, live and well-produced for once. Because if you have to camp next to Incessant Shitty House Camp you need some early morning payback.

Nelly ö Country Grammar

Sing-song party rap thatās actually fun, unlike, say, the Wu Tang Clan. The title track and ćRide with Meä will get everybody in your camp bobbing their heads and shaking their asses, or my nameās not Malderor.

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